Ever wanted to learn how to shoot the stars and night sky? Not quite sure how or when to find the Milky Way? Then come along to an astrophotography workshop in the Brecon Beacons Dark Sky Reserve. We start with a theory session indoors covering everything you need to know to be able to capture the night sky and all its wonders. Before we head out we’ll take a look at some post-processing techniques to make your images better than the rest and Alyn will go through any questions you may have. After that we visit some of the best locations in the national park to put everything to practice.

What do you need?

  • Camera (DSLR/Mirrorless)

  • Wide angles lens (eg. 18-55mm, 10-20mm, 14mm, 16-35mm)

  • Tripod (spares available at no extra charge)

  • Headtorch It's going to be dark!

  • Cable shutter release (optional)


£100 pp

Group Size


Skill Level

Beginner to Intermediate


All levels (including wheelchair)

Upcoming Dates

  • 01 December 2018 (3pm - 10pm)

  • 08 December 2018 (3pm - 10pm)

  • 05 January 2019
    (3pm - 10pm)

  • 02 February 2019 (4pm - 11pm)

  • 02 March 2019
    (4pm - 11pm)


We meet at Cartrefi Cymru on the outskirts of Brecon town where we will enjoy a theory session over tea and biscuits. Having background knowledge in how your camera works and how to use it properly is crucial when operating in such a dark environment later on. Also, a little awareness of where and when you can find various night sky wonders will go a long way in making sure you make the most out of your time with clear skies. The theory session is split into three parts:

1) Understanding your camera, settings and technique for shooting in the field. We also cover some extras like how to properly keep warm, escaping light pollution, as well as discussions about gear and lenses. 

2) Discover all the night sky wonders that are available to photograph and learn how to plan your shots in advance using various apps and tools to your advantage. Astrophotography, much like landscape photography, is very seasonal and so different wonders are available at different times of the year.

3) Post processing techniques and tricks. Learn how to edit your images to make them better than the rest, including hot topics like how to handle noise (even with budget cameras) and making the Milky Way 'pop'. 

It will be impossible for you to learn and remember everything I teach you which is why you'll be provided with an extensive booklet to take home and continue learning.

Even our driver nails the shots! Image taken by Kyle Rendall of    Discovery Wales Tours

Even our driver nails the shots! Image taken by Kyle Rendall of Discovery Wales Tours


Discovery Wales Tours will be on hand to provide safe and comfortable transport as we venture around the Brecon Beacons Dark Sky Reserve visiting some of my favourite locations for astrophotography. All locations are kept within easy accessibility of parking so the workshop is suited for pretty much all fitness levels and we have even accommodated a wheelchair user in the past.

You'll get a chance to put everything you've learnt into practice with full attention and professional guidance from myself. After the workshop you'll be invited into my Facebook group 'Night Sky Wonders' where we can keep in touch, share images, and offer further help and tips. I also use the group to offer warnings of any ISS flyovers and possible aurora activity etc.


I’m an absolute beginner is this course suitable for me?
Yes! This course is suitable for absolute beginners through to amateurs with some experience in night photography who are looking to brush up their skills and take it up a level.

What happens if the weather is bad?
If the forecast is cloudy or light rain, the workshop still goes ahead. Sometimes a little local knowledge can help find a gap in the clouds or it may be that we travel further afield to hunt down some clear skies. If there is no success, Alyn will offer another opportunity to meet up and go through the practical aspect of the workshop or delegates can opt for a £15 rebate.

If the forecast is deemed unsafe for travel by the MetOffice the workshop will be cancelled and fully refunded or an alternative date will be offered. Alyn may also decide to call off the workshop if the forecast is deemed bad enough.

I only have camera X and lens Y is this OK?
It’s really not about the gear! Don’t be embarrassed about your camera or lens. If you’re unsure, ask me when you request to book.

Where does the workshop start and end and what time?

The workshop starts and ends at Cartrefi Cymru just outside of Brecon town. The start and end will time vary on the time of year, but should be listed next to the upcoming dates at the top and bottom of this page.

Can I be your assistant/shadow you?
I currently don’t require any assistants, but thanks!


Still unsure? Check my reviews on Facebook to see what past attendees have said or see some examples below:

Image taken by    Ben Beckingsale    on a workshop in March 2017

Image taken by Ben Beckingsale on a workshop in March 2017

Image taken by attendee    Paul Murphy

Image taken by attendee Paul Murphy


"I had followed Alyn's work for a little while now and jumped at the chance to attend one of Alyn's astrophotography workshops. I found it very informative and extremely interesting. Alyn was very approachable and friendly, he talked us through his processes from how to take different Astro shots through to post production. We were blessed with clear skies, a meteor shower and a glimpse of The northern lights. I highly recommend his workshops!"

Max Bibby

"Attended Alyn's Astrophotography workshop and cannot recommend it enough! Alyn is really down to earth and a great teacher and makes everything simple to understand. Even though the weather wasn't on our side Alyn invited us up the next night to get some practice in, which was really good of him. Super proud of the photos I achieved at the workshop and can't wait to get out again at night with the camera."

Sarah Smiler

The International Space Station cutting across the Milky Way above the Brecon Beacons taken by workshop attendee Mark Kent.

The International Space Station cutting across the Milky Way above the Brecon Beacons taken by workshop attendee Mark Kent.

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