The medium of timelapse has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Watching the light sculpt the landscape into different shapes and colours, seeing the Milky Way traverse the night sky or showcasing movements in nature that are unable to be detected by the eye alone.

My latest project condenses 3 years of adventures in my country of birth and upbringing, Wales. We are blessed with rugged coastlines, gorgeous rolling hills and mountain peaks that often find themselves higher than the so called dragon's breath cloud inversions. As a world leader in protection againt light pollution (18% of Wales is protected against light pollution) we are able to enjoy such night sky wonders as the Milky Way and even the occasional appearance of the Aurora Borelis, the Northern Lights. 


BBC Wales: Land of the Wild - A large number of my timelapses are scattered throughout the 4 episodes of this incredible piece of work. I was also featured as one of the ‘People of the Wild’ at then end of the show, giving a behind the scenes of how I shoot my timelapses under the starry skies of Wales

BBC Wonders of the Moon - Numerous timelapses of the Moon

ITV's Coast and Country - Timelapse footage used in the opening and closing titles.

France TV ‘God Save Our Brexit’ - Don’t ask, they just wanted some timelapse footage to use!


Perhaps my favourite use of my footage is in a recent campaign against climate change made for the Climate Coalition by the incredible director Stuart Rideout of Ridley Scott Associates. As joyful as it is to have your work used in such a professional production, having it used for such a good cause and one which I feel strongly about is as rewarding as it gets. 

Aurora - The Green Stuff

In March 2016 I packed my bags and headed north in search of the Aurora Borealis. Heading to Iceland the anticipation and anxiety was strong. As well known as Iceland may be for the Northern Lights it's probably better known for cloudy and unpredicatable weather conditions. I needn't worry however as we were treated to 5 solid nights of cloudless skies and some of the strongest gemoagnetic activity of that season. 

Brecon Beacons (2015)

My first project back in 2015 focussed on the beauty of the Brecon Beacons. Admittedly when I look back at this short film I do cringe a little and a lot of the footage wouldn't live up to my standards thesedays, however, I've not deleted it as it serves as a reminder of why I started shooting timelapses and also as a reference for my future improvement. Regardless of my personal feelings I hope people out there can still enjoy it and feel inspired to enjoy the beauty on my doorstep.


I'm currently working on a programme for a timelapse workshop in the near future. If this is something that interests you then make sure to sign up to my mailing list below to be the first to hear about the workshop dates.

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